When Do Anxiety and Depression Require Professional Help?

Oct 20, 2022
When Do Anxiety and Depression Require Professional Help?
If your depression and anxiety symptoms make it hard for you to get out of bed or connect with loved ones, it’s time to get help. Click here to learn more about these mental health conditions and treatments that can help you feel better.

It’s normal to feel anxious or sad from time to time. But when your anxiety or sadness affects your ability to function, it’s time to seek professional help. 

At Revival Infusion Madison in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, our highly skilled certified registered nurse anesthetist, Sarah Wilczewski, CRNA, APNP, opened her practice so she could help those struggling with treatment-resistant depression and anxiety get the expert care necessary to overcome their symptoms. 

When your thoughts and emotions make it impossible for you to go to work, spend time with friends and family, or take care of your basic needs, you need to reach out and ask for help. Despite your hopelessness or fear, you can get better. 

About depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety may occur together, but they’re two distinct mental health conditions. 

Depression is a serious mood disorder that causes negative thoughts and emotions that affect how you behave. With depression, you may feel sad or hopeless, or struggle with feelings of shame and worthlessness.

Anxiety causes feelings of fear, nervousness, or worry. It’s normal to have anxiety before a job interview or major life event. However, when you feel nervous or scared about everyday things that affect how you live your life, you may have an anxiety disorder. 

When symptoms affect your life

The symptoms of your depression and anxiety can make life feel impossible. You may find the thoughts in your head challenging, scary, or impossible to control. When you’re thinking about whether or not to seek help for your depression or anxiety, take a look at how your symptoms affect your life.

If you find it hard to connect with loved ones, participate in activities, or thrive professionally because of your depression or anxiety, then it’s time to get professional help. With advances in research and treatments, you can get treatment that can help you reclaim your internal peace and external balance.

If you’re in crisis and having suicidal thoughts or feelings, dial 988 to speak with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline right away.

Getting help for depression and anxiety

At Revival Infusion Madison, we help those struggling with severe depression and anxiety who fail to get relief from traditional psychiatric medications and therapy. For our patients, we offer ketamine infusions.

Ketamine is a general anesthetic most often used for surgery. More recently, researchers have found that administering small doses of ketamine* creates rapid changes in the brain. For people with depression and anxiety, these changes create new pathways that alleviate symptoms.

Though results vary, many people experience almost instant relief from their symptoms after receiving ketamine. For our patients struggling with depression and anxiety, we start with six infusions over a three-week period and then maintenance treatments every one to six months. 

We recommend you continue with your traditional depression and anxiety treatment when undergoing ketamine infusion therapy to get the best results.  

Depression and anxiety require professional help when they affect your ability to live your life. When traditional treatments fail to provide significant relief, we can help. Call our office or book an appointment online today.

*Note: Ketamine is an alternative treatment for depression and anxiety and isn’t FDA approved for these conditions.